SSI, has it’s own raw tobacco procurement division, based in Barwal (HR), India. The procurement team consists of highly experienced and dedicated personnel. The team is equally proficient in dealing with Karnataka tobacco, Air cured, Sun cured and fire cured tobaccos. We have all the facilities of tobacco handling, packaging and storage, under one roof reducing its processing time and degradation of products.



We are equipped with modern and innovative technology like auto analyser and smoking machine, which imparts all the required data for individual blends.

Since primary processing is the foundation of cigarette industry, emphasis is laid on quality at each and every stages, and housekeeping. Semi-automated controls, at conditioning, cutting and drying stages, manned by highly experienced operating crew. We also, have a parallel line for processing of stems. Input to tobacco dryer is controlled by set of weigh feeders. Online moisture meters at final stages of both cut tobacco and CRS dryers. We also have a full-fledged cased leaf drying set up with separate storage silo. Quality assurance department ensures to meet all the set parameters, at blending, cutting and drying stages.