Manufacturing Unit

SSI Exports is one of the leading manufacturers of cigarettes and pipe tobacco in India. With its range of invaluable brands, SSI Exports is known for quality, environment management systems, and product excellence.

With years of expertise in manufacturing tobacco products to match the evolving taste of potential customers, SSI Exports offer brands including
Mype Blue Passion, Mype Majestic Red, Mype Red Bold, Mype Ultra Blue, Savator Intense, Seagull Black Mint, Seagull Charcoal, Seagull Coffee, Seagull Gold, Seagull Mint, and Seagull Rich Blend.

Led by science and innovation and with the right regulatory consolation and support from the community, we can attain our vision of providing high-quality cigarettes and pipe tobacco products.

We Emphasis on Improved Efficiency Through Automation

Tobacco product manufacturing processes comprise a series of steps that convert raw tobacco into finished cigarette products. The whole procedure involves harvesting, curing, blending, cutting, drying, and packaging. Every stage requires great expertise and proficiency to ensure high-quality products. SSI Exports uses advanced technologies to automate the different stages of the cigarette manufacturing process. We leverage computerized systems to enhance resource utilization and improve the accuracy and reliability of the manufacturing procedure. All our tobacco products are produced by utilizing cutting-edge technology and great work practices benchmarked to the best internationally. 

We Offer High-Quality Products

SSI Exports is characterized by a single-minded emphasis on constant value creation for customers through significant investments in innovative product designs, state of art manufacturing technology, and excellent marketing and distribution. Our manufacturing unit prioritizes quality control to meet industry standards and guidelines. Moreover, our latest machines integrate advanced inspection systems to monitor and detect any deviations from quality parameters. We ensure that only high-quality tobacco leaves are utilized and the final product meets the consumer expectations regarding aroma, tastes, and overall smoking experience.