Savator is the popular brand in the portfolio, it has quickly built a name for developing new ideas that young people love. Savator is one of the fastest-growing cigarette brand by SSI Exports. This is because it has a wide range of products offering a unique customer experience. It was one of the first flavored smokes, and its unique cool taste has been refreshing people for decades. Savator keeps developing new ideas, changing, and staying current by putting its signature freshness into new formats.

Its strong and satisfying flavor goes well with the manhood and uniqueness of our loyal and picky customers. Savator has been doing well on the market for many years and keeps improving and making people happy. It has always set the bar for how a prestige tobacco experience should be. It builds on a long history of art and culture to make beautifully made cigarettes with a unique taste. It has been known for a long time as a top name that is known for quality and new ideas.

Savator - Intense
Savator (5 Pack)