SEAGULL is known for having a rich, pleasing taste and developing new ideas. SEAGULL gives aspiring and experienced smokers the confidence to move forward with its energizing taste, matched by its innovative filters to smooth smoking. It has changed over time, always trying to get better. It looks good, is on the cutting edge, and has the best new tastes and flavors. You’ll find the right heritage, expertise, strength, and smoothness to ensure that everything we brings for you improves our strong base of bold taste.

Seagull is the most popular brand from SSI Exports. It is a world icon giving smokers high-quality moments to smoke. Adult users can get a good product at a price they can afford. We focus on making high-quality cigarettes as an art. Seagull cigarette has been successful because of how it is packaged and looks.

Seagull - Light Gold
Seagull Rich Blend
Seagull-Mint Feel the Crush
Seagull Black Mint
Seagull - Active Charcoal
Seagull - Caffeine Kick