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Mype – A Closer Look at Traditional Cigarette Brand by SSI Exports

For the sophisticated tobacco lover, there is nothing worse than trying the latest pack of cigarettes because it is cheaper only to find that the taste of the tobacco is just disgusting. There are so many different cigarette manufacturers who provide different brands these days, and each one utilizes different ingredients in it. If you are thinking which one is the best cigarette brand available then you have landed in the right place. SSI Exports is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the best brand tobacco and cigarette products. The tobacco product manufacturing company has a team of knowledgeable professionals who make sure the best-in-class quality of the products matches international standards.

Mype – A Traditional Brand by SSI Exports

Mype is a traditional cigarette brand by SSI Exports. This brand is manufactured using high-quality ingredients. This is one of the best brands for individuals who want an extraordinary smoking experience. SSI Exports handles every step of cigarette manufacturing with utmost care.


The Uniqueness Factor

Several reasons make Mype an extraordinary brand. The design of this cigarette brand is obviously the first thing individuals will notice. You can make the puffs exceptionally smooth while using Mype’s different flavors. In short, while using this brand product, you will be able to dig into the depths of smoking pleasure. 

Further Information

This brand is popular not just for the smoking pleasure provided by its products but its incredible collection of different flavors. If you choose to buy the product manufactured by this brand, you will open the gates to different flavors you never could have envisioned. Its flavors include:

  • Mype Red Bold (Full Flavor+Virginia Blend) – This flavor is popular for its smoothness and natural sweetness. Mype Red Premium flavor by SSI Exports offers a mellow smoking experience.Mype - Red Bold

  • Mype Blue Pride(Full Flavor+American Blend) – This flavor is a mixture of Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos. SSI Exports team merges the natural sweetness of Virginia tobaccos with the robust flavor of Oriental and Burley tobacco. This blend of different flavors offers an authentic experience that mirrors the taste of a classic cigarette. It is a complex flavor preferred by pipe tobacco enthusiasts globally.

  • Mype Majestic Red(Virginia Blend) – This flavor is preferable because of its high sugar content and a pleasant aroma.Mype - Majestic Red Premium

  • Mype Blue Passion(American Blend) – This flavor is extracted from real tobacco leaves, using the best parts of leaves only. And it undergoes a meticulous process of flue, air, and sun curing to ensure balance and richness in every puff.Mype - Blue Passion 


Wrapping Up

Well, it should be clear to you why the Mype brand is so popular. According to Mype reviewers and potential customers, the different flavor of this brand remains unparalleled. Once you try this brand’s products and flavors, you will definitely feel the same, and that is guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a tobacco enthusiast, then SSI Exports has several high-quality products to offer. Reach out to us and get the product you have been looking for so long. We will be happy to serve you.

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