Mype is a new cigarette brand introduced by SSI Exports. This cigarette comes in Four different flavors. Cigarettes are colored the way they are to indicate qualitative differences to consumers. This brand employs two colors: Red and Blue. Ultra-red flavor represents its classic offerings and is strong. And ultra blue is very light to smoke.

Ultra Red: This type of Mype cigarette contains premium Virgnia leaf. It has a different scent and floral flavors. Its strong and satisfying flavor is perfect for our potential customers. It has two Variants – Ultra Red, Red Bold.
Ultra Blue: This light-to-smoke cigarette has a pleasing taste and contained an innovative filter to smooth smoking. Its Variants are ultra blue, blue light.

SSI Exports is well known for providing smokers with good quality products to smoke. We have partnerships with the farmers who grow the best-in-class tobacco for our product manufacturing. In addition to this, we also focus on high-quality packaging for our product range to entice customers. All our products are available at a budget-friendly price.


Mype - Red Bold
Mype - Blue Pride
Mype - Majestic Red
Mype - Blue Passion